Heat transport


If we have generated some cold, it has to be transported.

The most efficient way to do so is by using heatpipes, we are calling it cold pipes.

It is a closed tubing with a medium which is in the gas as well as the liquid phase.

If the liquid is heated, it will raise the pressure by evaporating the liquid.

The gas is condensing at the point with the lowest temperature.

There it will be liquid again and drips immediately downwards. The gravity helps.

The participants (the students) is asked to devellop a heatpipe with an extreme length of up to 100m and flexible.

The idea is to use it for cooling a buiding too. One or more mediums are selected in the range of -40deg C up to +35deg C.

More applications will apply


More info can be found at wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heat_pipe

One can see that a passive heat transport is possible of up to 23kW/cm2  !!!